The 10th Kaizen Presentation – NAKASHIMA VIETNAM CO., LTD.

On 20 March 2021, Nakashima Vietnam Co., LTD. held the 10th Kaizen Presentation. Though it was not as jubilant as the previous times because the effects of Covid-19 continued to be complicated, our preparedness did not sink.

Following the success of previous years, this year, Nakashima Vietnam Co., Ltd. has selected 12 projects / 222 typical projects to report in this congress.

In this Congress, Board of Judge selected 01 best project to report in NHC Group in June 2020 by video clip and two other excellent projects will be proposed to Hai Phong City Trade Union for awarding.

This year, there was also no participation of guests from Nakashima group. Only 105 employees (from the sub leader to above and office) of NVC participated, as stipulated to be socially isolated by Vietnamese government.