Nakashima Vietnam products are in conformity and by collaboration of Japanese technology developed by Nakashima Group companies.


The foundation of Nakashima’s technologies is “built-to-order.” A propeller is only a small component of the entire vessel. However, propellers are an essential part of a ship’s propulsive force. Nakashima manufactures each product individually using a unique style that aims to make customers’  essels faster, safer, and more comfortable

Design and analysis technology

Overwhelming number of cores – CFD-based simulation

In order to achieve the optimum propeller design, it is necessary to predict then verify the propeller’s performance. Nakashima carries out CFD-based simulation to predict each propeller’s performance and conducts model tests to verify the prediction test results.

World-class propeller factory

Advanced technology: Digital technology

Nakashima manufactures propellers by maximizing its assets in all production processes including casting, processing, and finishing processes. By combining “craftsman skills” with “digital technology” Nakashima’s unique expertise is integrated.