Nakashima Football Tournament 2023 is an opportunity for the workers to meet and connect with each other in life and at work.

On October 28, 2023, the soccer tournament was held with the participation of four teams: Shiage – Export – QC, Mold, Machinery and Office divided into two groups, the top two teams in each group will play for the Cup in the final match.

Mr. Thuyen – captain of the office team shared: “Football brings connection. We are in the same company, so many jobs need to work together to complete common tasks. If we talk about achievements, we do not know how strong the other teams are, but we will play hard to present a beautiful match. Anyway, this is a tournament for all of you, so you can feel comfortable no matter what your abilities are.”

After 50 minutes of fierce competition, this year’s championship result belongs to the Molding team.

At the end of the fight for the championship, there was a party between the teams as well as the fans who enthusiastically cheered despite the harsh and hot weather. Ms. Hong – a member of the organizing committee shared: “Even though I am not knowledgeable about football, this is a very practical playground, creating motivation for workers to exchange sports, improve health, and develop spiritual bonds.” god of unity. Hopefully the tournament will be maintained for workers and laborers.”

In addition to organizing a playground for workers to exchange sports and improve their health, the 2023 NVC Football Championship is also an opportunity for workers of all departments to meet and connect with each other in life as well as job.