Family Day 2023 of NAKASHIMA VIETNAM

The family is the most loving and sacred place, the place to calm down the daily hustle and bustle. After a busy week, spending time with family and bonding is even more precious.

With the theme “Share joy, build aspirations”, Nakashima Vietnam Co., Ltd. successfully organized the Family Day 2023 at Dragon Beach, Do Son, Haiphong – a collective activity in the series of annual events of the company. Family Day is an opportunity for employees of the company to bond more with their loved ones after busy and stressful working and studying hours, and at the same time spreading the message of the program’s loving connection. presented to all participants.

Unlike every year, due to the limited organization time and also to give everyone more time for everyone to have fun with their families, the organizers decided to replace Teambuilding activities with fun Mini game repertoires. with the participation of children representing families. Holding in hands even small gifts from the organization board, the excitement and joy was evident on each child’s face.

And of course, it is impossible not to mention the main content of the program, which is the impressive Gala Night. In the flash of smartphones, we had a wonderful light party with vibrant music and participated in challenging games like “Don’t let the money fall”,” Disguise” …. with the spirit of “My family is suddenly happy”.

Goodbye Dragon Beach, goodbye Nakashima Vietnam Family Day 2023, we return to the rhythm of everyday life. Hope to come back one day soon to bond love together.