The family festival in 2020 could not be organized as planned, although the company had planned to organize it twice. Both times were delayed due to the covid-19 pandemic’s impact. In order to unite the members of the company, with the attention and permission of the Japanese BOD, the company agreed and decided to combine NVC Football Championship, celebrating the 15th anniversary of the company, and Family Day under the name of Sports Day 2020.

The football tournament was held dated December 5, 2020 and December 12, 2020. Including 4 teams named after the sections corresponding to the shirt color are: Office (Orange-Black), Shiage-QC (White), Machine (Red), Casting (Blue). Due to the influence of the covid-19’s pandemic, the program content was shortened to ensure compliance with the city’s anti-pandemic regulations, but not thus affecting the spirit of the players in the company.

On the first day of competition (qualifying round dated December 5th, 2020), Office Division won the highest score and came in first place, 2nd place was Machine, the remaining 2 positions respectively is Shiage-Shipping -QC and Casting.

On the final day of the competition (Final round on 12/12/2020), Machining Section accelerated and passed Office Division with a close score of 1-0.

Tournament summary

First prize: Machining section
Second prize: Office Division
Prize 3: Shiage -Shipping – QC
Consolation prize: Casting
Best Player Award: Mr. Vu Tuan Tuyen (Machine Section)
Best Goalkeeper Award: Mr. Mac Nhu Sao (Machine Section)

NVC’s sport festival 2020 took place successfully with the enthusiastic participation of members of NVC football team. Besides, there was an indispensable audience cheering and supporting the teams throughout the match. Here, it confirmed the solidarity and bond between NVC members.

In addition, on the occasion of the company’s 15th anniversary (December 20), the company has prepared a special meal for employees. In addition, the 2020 Family Day was not celebrated due to the covid-19 translation. 

Instead, the Company had gifts for all members of the company such as backpacks, toys for children, gift certificates (food vouchers at restaurants) for employees …