Rehearsal of fire fighting and rescue at Nakashima Vietnam Co., Ltd.

Recently, on January 17, 2024, Nakashima Vietnam Co., Ltd. coordinated with Fire Prevention and Fighting Team – Haiphong Police and Fire Prevention and Fighting Team of Deep C Industrial Park to organize firefighting and rescue plans at the company.

The fire situation occurs in the exporting area of the factory No.1. Immediately, NVC Board of Directors and employees of the company called the fire alarm, and at the same time deploying forces and means of organization for initial treatment.

The employee of Nakashima Vietnam Co., Ltd. moves property, rescue by force on site.

Upon receiving the news, the Fire Prevention and Fighting Police Team of the city quickly approached the scene, deployed forces and vehicles, coordinated with the Fire Prevention and Fighting force of Deep C Industrial Park and the grassroots fire prevention and fighting team to quickly control and extinguished the fire.

Fire Prevention and Fighting force – Deep C industrial park coordinated fire fighting

After 20 minutes of urgently implementing the process, manipulation, ensuring safety, the entire rehearsal has been completed in accordance with the process, meeting the basic requirements set out, without any serious damage about people and property. Fire -fighting units have discussed and discussed experiences after the rehearsal.

The organization of fire prevention and fighting drills at the company is a regular activity to check the efficiency in fire prevention and fighting activities as well as the fire prevention and fighting equipment system at the facility. At the same time, contributing to raising the awareness of fire and explosion prevention for officials and employees of the company, handling well all possible situations in the production process./.