Another Kaizen season has comes, the 11th NVC Kaizen season.

This season, though, we still have not been able to receive our guests from the companies in Nakashima Group since the outbreak of the Corona pandemic. However, this year we are honored to welcome distinguished guests from the HEZA Trade Union to attend the Kaizen Congress held at the conventional center of Hai Phong City.

With the aim of building and developing a stronger company, from here many projects in production have been proposed, these projects not only increase productivity, reduce costs but also create a safe working environment.

At this congress, there were 12/204 typical improvement projects of 2021 selected to report, the judges selected the best project “Reduce Dosai by pressing Draiko and research and manufacture Draiko presses” to attend the online congress of NHC group. This project has saved more than 50,000usd/ 1 year and moreover it also significantly reduces emissions to the environment so it has been highly appreciated and won the first prize of the whole group.