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  •    Service & Support

Service and support

Nakashima Group has a worldwide service and support system to provide prompt and reliable support to customers everywhere.

Wide ranging support based on extensive achievement and experience

Nakashima’s wide ranging support ensures satisfaction and assurance.

  • Repair work available in the event of damage: Straightening of bend damage, overlay welding for cavitation erosion and damaged parts, build-up welding, etc.
  • Service engineers dispatched for periodic inspections.
  • Maintenance inspection, and other, advice.
  • Fuel saving measures.
  • Propeller blade polishing, edge modification, etc.
  • Speedy parts replacement service.
  • Emergency services.

Please contact Nakashima’s AfterSales Service Section or the nearest sales office.

Contact Information

Land Plot CN2.2B, Dinh Vu Industrial Zone, Hai An Dist., Haiphong, Vietnam

Phone: +84-225-3614325/6/7/8

Fax: +84-225-3614329

Email: sales@nakashimavn.com; tuyendung@nakashimavn.com; pur@nakashimavn.com