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  •    Company Profile

Our Policy

Our current corporate philosophy was created on June 15, 2004, and builds on the spirit of the original November 1960 “company principle” while also taking account of 21st century values and social conditions. In order to gain the trust of society and our customers, we consistently pursue new ideas that cater to diverse needs in order to give shape to limitless possibilities, and by so doing, make the advancement of a prosperous future for all mankind our guiding principle.

Nakashima respects the differences and diversity of people. By following lawful practices, we strive to be a trustworthy and reliable company.

Our Mission

By providing optimal products for individuals, society, and the environment, Nakashima contributes to the enrichment of society.

Our Vision

With propeller manufacturing at its core, Nakashima aims to achieve stable business management by undertaking unique and worthwhile activities.

Our Company Principle

We are fortunate to work together at Nakashima.
We will trust each other and respect each other’s differences as we work.
Moving forward as one company to serve society, we will use our resources for the further advancement of mankind, aiming to enrich our lives and culture.

Contact Information

Land Plot CN2.2B, Dinh Vu Industrial Zone, Hai An Dist., Haiphong, Vietnam

Phone: +84-225-3614325/6/7/8

Fax: +84-225-3614329

Email: sales@nakashimavn.com; tuyendung@nakashimavn.com; pur@nakashimavn.com